Eventual as ticketing partner

A great event starts with great tickets

Eventual ticketing is your versatile ticketing partner for unforgettable events.

How it works

Simple verification
Save in acquisition and maintenance costs, no special scanners and devices are needed to scan your tickets.

Just download the Eventual Tickets app and start scanning the codes. It works offline on any mobile device. Eventual tickets app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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Ethical and efficient reselling
We bring trust and security to the ticket resale market.

We don’t allow reselling at no more than the original ticket price and we make sure the ticket is only available to the new owner by changing the resold ticket’s barcode. The ticket price is automatically transferred to the original owner’s account.

No hidden fees
Our platform supports and promotes fair compensation for all entities.

Our prices are always the same, no hidden costs here. We charge a flat 5% or minimum 1 euro ticket fee from ticket sales which includes the transaction cost.

Secure payments
Through Stripe, all of our transactions will be secured with the most advanced payment technology.

It even makes refunds easy if a show gets cancelled or postponed. Stripe brings needed flexibility to the ticket handling of the events industry.

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