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We let people decide what they want to see, dance to, be blown away by. Shift people from consumers to creators, from passive to active, from waiting to making, from blah to ahhh.
Powered by People

At Eventual, we the people decide what we want to hear and see live – not the traditional gatekeepers. We are not crowdfunding. We are crowd-making, crowdshaking, crowd-culture.

More than mainstream

We live to fight monoculture, the mainstream, the expected. We are here for gigs we didn’t expect to see, acts that stop us in our tracks, shows that stay with us forever. 

Here for local culture

We started Eventual to give anyone, anywhere an equal chance to shape their local event landscape–from bringing artists you’ve always wanted to see to a stage near you to giving a stage to new, local acts.

Stand Up for creative freedom

Masterpieces are created when Artists are allowed creative freedom. At Eventual, we break the restrains which confine talent by providing a platform that truly supports the bold and brave. We stand up for creative freedom! 

What’s in it for me?

Not sure how Eventual will be useful for you? Check out some benefits here:


Make Our City Come Alive

Power to influence our local live scene

We all know that one artist who has never visited our city. Wouldn’t it be great to bring them to our own local stage and share their art with people close to us? Now it’s possible to do all this through Eventual.


Create & curate experiences beyond the expected

Are you tired of watching and listening to the same artists again and again? Wouldn’t it be nice to experience some change and variety? Eventual is the place where you can start a campaign for any artist - no matter how new or non-mainstream.. 


Interactions that feed your soul

Connect with likeminded people

What better way to meet a friend, soulmate or lover than by connecting with them through shared live experiences? Eventual allows you to connect with people who have the same taste in art and artists as you.

Live interactions with acts and artists

It’s nice to see your favourite artists on-screen but wouldn't it also be great to meet them live sometime? Through Eventual you can now invite and meet the artists you have always adored.

Get paid for doing what you love

Freedom to try something new, innovate and improvise

As an artist nothing feels worse than getting a work rejected because it was too “bold”, “unconventional” or “out-there”. Eventual gives you the freedom to try out all sorts of bold and innovative ideas - because you never know what would fly with your audience.

Communicate exactly what you wish

Eventual lets the artist communicate with their audience in exactly the way they see fit. While our team is always there to provide all the support and guidance based on our experiences with successful campaigns, ultimately it is you who decide the way you want to build and shape your campaign.

Expand your horizon

Reach fans beyond borders

At Eventual we believe that art should have no boundaries and that is why we connect artists with their fans living all around the globe. It doesn’t matter whether you are based in Moscow or Los Angeles. If your art is compelling it will find fans everywhere.

No traditional gatekeepers

Eventual connects the artists directly with their fans. There are no traditional gatekeepers who you need to convince, no established promoters whom you need to incentivize. Creating a compelling campaign is all that you need to do. 

Monetize your self-expression

Grow your audience

As an influencer, growing your audience is an ever-present task and Eventual is here to help you with that. We help influencers multiply their fanbase and expand their reach by connecting them with people who are most interested in engaging with their content. 

Be your own boss and get paid for it too

While it can be incredibly useful to produce content for other businesses, sometimes producing your own independent content can be even more profitable and intrinsically rewarding. At Eventual, we help influencers independently put out their content. The best part? You get to keep all the money generated by your content! (Minus our very small processing fee). 

Safely explore new niche areas

Experiment with new types of content

As an influencer, you may often think about experimenting with new types of content. Wouldn't it be great to explore new niches without affecting your present image and alienating your existing audience? With Eventual you can indulge in this experimentation with zero risk. If you find a crowd for your new content, great! If you don't, then no harm done! On to something different!

Get high engagement through long-form content

Coming up with new and exciting ways to engage your audience is not always easy. After all, there is only so much you can do with posting reels on Instagram and making 3-minute videos for YouTube. With Eventual, you can produce more long-form and high-engagement content and present them as gigs, virtual shows or live on-stage. 

No Risk, All Reward

Feature new acts, artists and projects with zero risk

As a venue featuring live events, Eventual understands the uncertainty brought on by unsold tickets. Eventual’s model works by securing ticket-buying commitments from audience members in advance so that there is zero risk when organizing an event. 


Guaranteed number of attendees, Guaranteed Revenue

Wouldn’t it be nice to know the specific number of people for whom you need to make the event arrangements or to already know the exact revenue an event will generate before agreeing to host it? Now it is possible to do so through Eventual. 


No hassle of refunds if the event doesn't sell out

With normal events and ticket sales there is always an inherent risk of the event not ending up fully booked or even to the point of break even. This adds an additional hassle of providing refunds to those people who had bought the tickets. Eventual model ensures that no payments are charged until the event reaches the point of break even or until the venue organisers themselves deem the event to be financially viable. This takes away the hassle of refunds and simplifies the money management process for venue owners. 

End to end platform for flawless customer experience

A to Z Ticketing support

From securing ticket-buying commitments from the audience members to issuing them the tickets once an event campaign is successful, Eventual provides end-to-end ticketing support. Our ticket scanner app designed specifically for our venue partners allows the tickets to be conveniently read at the event location. 

Reduced marketing expenses

As a venue your promotional spending goes through the roof when an event just doesn’t sell. This is not a problem you will encounter with Eventual. Since events at Eventual are already booked before contacting the venues, you will incur no additional expenses in marketing and promotions. 

Values-based Connections

Real cultural relevance

It is a struggle for every brand to stay relevant in today’s dynamic and trendy world. Since Eventual events are entirely created and curated by the crowd, you can be assured that you will find the most relevant events to promote your brand here.


Most precise event fit for your brand

Eventual features a variety of specialized events of all types and genres. The variety of events allows you to be present where you will find the best, most precise fit for your brand.

Razor sharp targeting

Reaching most accurate target market

Whether your target market is a niche group of sophisticated jazz followers or the ultra bold and crazy young Gen-Zers, at Eventual you will be able to reach the most responsive audience for your brand.

Data and insights to refine promotions

At Eventual we can provide our brand partners with insights and data about audience members to inform strategic creatives and promotions, maximising their campaign performance. 

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