Guilty Pleasures

12th Jul 2024, Fri 22:00 - Sat 03:00

Grass tickling my toes…  fumes of the summer air crawling up my nose… Why does my desire for more bring guilt that only grows…

Guilty Pleasures returns to Tanner with their fourth iteration on Friday 12th of July, 3 nights of full houses, 3 nights of full blown, certified fun times. Let’s make sure the fourth isn’t an exception. This also marks the last Guilty Pleasures CLUB NIGHT of the summer  (but don’t fret, few dates coming up elsewhere tho), so make sure you don’t miss it

22:00 - 03:00 / Free Entrance

While the club's main mission is to provide DJs with a safer space to play whatever their hearts desire, the club also wants to provide the same safe space experience for the attendees.

To ensure a truly inclusive and respectful environment, each attendee and DJ commits to actively upholding safer space principles, prioritizing the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of everyone present. Any actions that violate this ethos will not be tolerated and will be addressed with appropriate measures.


Información del lugar

Kaikukatu 2,
00530, Helsinki, FI
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