Now Music Needs You

Why was #NowMusicNeedsYou created?

Music. What a beautiful, wonderful irreplaceable little thing of life. Over and over again it has helped us fall in love, forget everything and forgive something. It has changed our sorrow to tears, longing to thankfulness and reminded how it feels to be truly alive. Life often comes with troubles. Somewhere along the way most of us have experienced challenges. Lost our health or some person or pet meaningful. Broken up from the very relationship that was supposed to last. Got caught in the endless fights of non-fixable arguments. Made mistakes at work exactly when making mistakes was the least unacceptable thing to do. We have been left alone or forced to become outsiders. Some have gotten lost with their own thoughts. These past 14 plus pandemic months especially have been tough for many of us. But even through these sad troubling times, this little thing of life has given us comfort and joy.


Granted. For too long there’s been hardly any live concerts, tours or festivals. Still, music has sticked around. It never went away. Through days and nights and through those endlessly slow afternoons we have listened to music in our homes. Turned up the volume for hard song, got emotional with soft songs or the other way around. Blasted the speakers, streams and vinyl records loud enough to hear the bass bumping in the shower room. Sang along with our favourite tunes like nothing in this world could have been as important. Sat alone in the empty forest with our headphones. Music has helped us through the constant uncertainty, kept company to ones who have felt lonely and brought hope to those who have gotten sick. Somehow all those songs and bands that we have listened have helped us to cope with our own feelings and emotions.


Through this stupid silly serious pandemic it has remained irreplaceable, wonderful beautiful little thing of life. It has helped us. Supported us. Comforted us. Now it’s time to return the favour. Time to give back. Time to save the music. Offer sincere, real and direct financial support to make sure that live music in Finland will someday be back. That’s why we at Eventual created #NowMusicNeedsYou.

Thank you for helping music.



#NowMusicNeedsYou was created by Eventual for supporting the entire music industry. How can I participate through Eventual?

Please use our service at to create crowdfunding campaigns for artists that you wish to see performing live at the earliest opportunity. You can also support other bands, artists and concert venues by making ticket reservations to Eventual campaigns already started by other users. Artists and organisers will get paid as soon as the event has been confirmed. You will be billed only if the event will take place. There’s no risk. Just an opportunity. Thank you for helping music.

Can I be a part of #NowMusicNeedsYou also through my own social media channels?

Yes please and yes you can. Here are two ways how to do that:

  1. Post photo or video about a certain moment when you felt the magic of music. It can be the coolest festival anecdote, memory of the greatest gig or an epic meeting with your favourite artist. Tag artist, festival, venue and Eventual plus Hashtag #nowmusicneedsyou
  2. Show, tell, sing, play or lip-sync a song that has helped you through the tough times. Tag artist, band and Eventual plus Hashtag #nowmusicneedsyou

Is there some #NowMusicNeedsYou material ready to be used in my own social media updates?

Yes there is. You can either use your own photos, texts or videos or use any of the official campaign materials provided here.

Please feel free to copy these texts for your own updates:

  • The music of _________ has always made me extremely happy. Now it’s my turn to help the music. #nowmusicneedsyou
  • The song _________ has always been my power anthem. Now it’s my turn to help the music. #nowmusicneedsyou
  • The music of _________ has helped me through dark times. Now it’s my turn to help the music. #nowmusicneedsyou
  • The music of _________ once fixed everything when everything was broken. Now it’s my turn to help the music. #nowmusicneedsyou

More than ever before music now needs us all. Let’s make sure that the live music will never die. Thank you for helping music.

Campaign Material

Campaign material can be found here.