Our interconnected world has never seemed smaller than it does today. We feel closer to the artists, performers and speakers that we care about more than ever before. Yet, when it comes to attracting those same talents to our local stage, nothing has changed, It’s hard. If your interest lies beyond traditional, almost impossible.

The simple factor driving this division is risk. Risk of not generating the desired hype. Of performing to empty seats. Of loosing money. This hurts everyone. Curators, bookers, venues, performers and of course ultimately the audience.

The result — an unrewarding event landscape that plays it safe instead of celebrating diversity of experiences. A landscape dominated by the mainstream.

We believe that diversity is the very lifeblood of our industry. The very thing that keeps it rich and exciting. Eventual was built for this very reason.

Our platform takes the risk out of a risky business by handing over the decision making to the crowd.

Through crowdfunding, we empower people anyone, anywhere to set up the events they actually want. Bold, crazy, ground-breaking or the most recognised super stars on the planet, we leave that up to you. If your event excites the crowd, it happens. If it doesn’t, no one spends a dime. On to the next. That simple.

Stop settling for the expected.

Reset The Stage