A driving force in Helsinki nightlife, Lil’ Tony a.k.a. Toni Rantanen is known for running the ever-expanding Sörnäinen club complex consisting of Kaiku, Kuudes Linja, Tanner, Post Bar and Siltanen, as well as the warehouse venue Ääniwalli. Also a co-owner and programmer of Flow Festival, Rantanen still has the same all-encompassing dedication and enthusiasm for his work as 30 years ago. Since his nineties clubs Kerma and Soda, he has been passionate about sound systems, interior design and improving the Finnish electronic music scene in general. Long-running club concepts such as Darkroom and the weekly VUM Open Air series at Ääniwalli are flourishing year after year.

A DJ since 1989 and a record collector for over 30 years, Lil’ Tony enjoys to play eclectic sets of disco, italo, tropical, soul, afro, zouk, soukous, hi energy, 90’s house, influenced by his early warehouse days, His ”inner selector” is always looking for new discoveries and digging deeper into history.

As a producer, Lil’ Tony has made music for his close friends at Innervisions, created an official rework for Arthur Russell and released vinyl on highly regarded labels including Running Back, Innervisions, Versatile and Guidance. Synths, drum machines and sequencers keep on pulsating in his studio – there’s more coming soon.