Photo Credit: Jasmina Wood
Mon, 25th April 2022 ines.carvalho

Reset the City: London with Pierre Babbage

Who doesn't love the cultural diversity of London? From West End classics to the boldest parties or the most underground venues, there's always something new to experience. We asked Pierre (they/them), a London-based dancer and choreographer, to share their top tips on places and artists in the city that we should keep in mind.

Pierre, dance artist based in London.

(Photo Credit: Jasmina Wood)


Can you describe the cultural scene in London using 4 words only?

Pierre: Something for every mood


If you could stop time and live forever in a show, which one would it be?

Pierre: Probably Ryoji Ikeda's 180 The Strand exhibition I saw last year.


Which cultural event would you like to create in London?

Pierre: I've kind of already done it... Me and my friend Fraser run a queer dance platform & party called MIND UR HEAD at The Yard Theatre, where we program queer dance artists to share their work or test out something new, alongside our favourite DJ's that always bring the party! 

Which local artist are you most excited about these days?

Pierre: I would say right now, NWAKKE who's a musician, dancer, DJ and all round inspiring multi-disciplinary artist. I've been a fan of theirs for the past few years, they just put some new music out and I'm very obsessed! 

What is the place in London where you always feel inspired?

Pierre: Probably most places in South London, which is where I've mostly lived for the last 12 years. Places like Walworth Road, East Street, Camberwell. I also feel inspired when I go for a walk in the park or on a night out.

What are the three artsy things people shouldn’t miss in London?

Pierre: Galleries and events wise I'd say The ICA, 180 The Strand and South London Gallery are all places I love to visit. Club nights and events such as Bar Wotever, Lazarus, GGI, NOT OK are just some events I'm a fan of! They are all amazing events run by and for queer people. 


If you could switch lives with an artist or creative for a day, who would it be?

Pierre: Sevdaliza is so inspiring to me! I've been a fan of hers for so long and am going to see her live soon. I literally can't wait! 


South London Gallery

South London Gallery