Orkidea - 30 Years of DJing - 30 Hour Set

Friday, 26th August, 2022 22:00 - Sunday, 28th August, 2022 04:00

30 years of unconditional love and passion for nightlife has led to THIS. A 30 hour marathon DJ set, filled with only the biggest and most important tunes from the last three decades. Classics that will take us back in time and lead us into the future.

Time flies when you’re having the time of your life. It feels like not that long ago 15 year old Tapio and his friends were organizing their first illegal rave. Not long ago was he blown away by the Love Parade and Ibiza. Not long ago did he hear his first song ‘Unity’ played by his DJ hero Sasha on BBC Radio 1, was remixing Tiesto and bringing Eric Prydz to Finland. Not long ago did he realize what his mission in life is… to go through life uniting the sounds, the minds, the people.

For Tapio “DJ Orkidea” Hakanen, music has never been a career, but a way to connect, create, give and receive. His “forward forever - backwards never” mentality has resulted in some of the most unforgettable events our city has ever seen: Unity, Pacifique, Classical Trancelations, JACK, Helsinki Clubbing, Café del Mar, 25 Years of Dance... His musical career has created soundtracks for euphoric moments on the dancefloor with classics such as Unity, Beautiful, Nana, Killa and Forward Forever.

The beat goes on and leads us back to this moment. A once-in-a-lifetime 30 hour DJ set with selected back2back sessions with some of his dearest colleagues in music and the night. A multi-generational gathering of people, creating another historical chapter in Helsinki nightlife. A night and day and night, never to be forgotten.


∘ Orkidea 30 Years of DJing & 30 Hour Set 
∘ Date: 26th to 28th of August 2022
∘ Time: Friday 22:00pm to Sunday 04:00am
∘ Venue: Ääniwalli, Helsinki, Finland

∘ Photo & flyer exhibition - 30 years of DJ Orkidea
∘ Allstar DJs’ back-2-back sets
∘ Open air Saturday party
∘ Light design by Helsinki legends

∘ PROTEUS (Clublife, Labyrinth, Laserpoint)
∘ SUPER8 & TAB (Illusions, Hallmark, Anjunabeats)
∘ LIL' TONY (Nylon, Kerma, VUM)
∘ MILLA LEHTO (Pussy, Bass Game)
∘ ORION (YleX, Pacifique, Jack)
∘ MR.A (Danceteria, Nylon, Dtm)
∘ KIKI (Berlin, Jack)
∘ RONY REX (Hello, YleX, Weekend)
∘ HEIKKI L (Danceteria, Pacifique)
∘ JEKATERINA (Clinic, Playground, Venue)
∘ ITALO-SAMI (Unity Collective)

∘ 30 hour non-stop ticket - 30€ + booking fee
∘ Friday 22.00 - 12.00 - 15€ + booking fee
∘ Saturday 12.00 - 17.00 - 10€ + booking fee (valid only for Open Air Party until 22.00)
∘ Saturday 17.00 - 04.00 - 20€ + booking fee



The story so far: Oranssi, Lepakko, Q, Maa, Taivas, Unity, Nylon, Pacifique, JACK at Kerma / Kuudes Linja / Redrum, Renaissance, Labyrinth Live, Radio Unity, Taika, One Minute Rave, Cafe del Mar, 23 Hour Set at Redrum, Eric Prydz at LOVE, Orkidea & Friends, Killa Remix, YearZero, Flight 643 Remix, Beautiful, Metaverse, Nana, Forward Forever, Pure Trance, 25 Years of Dance, Skidit Disko, YleX, Helsinki Clubbing, Classical Trancelations, In Search of Sunrise, VII… 

Tickets go on sale on Friday 10th of June 2022 at 9.00am

Oded Peled
Friday, June 10th, 2022 6:01am

Let's party!

Venue Information

Pälkäneentie 13,
00510, helsinki, FI
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