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Eventual shakes up the live events status-quo by turning the crowds into decision-makers. We are not crowdfunding. We are crowd-making, crowd-shaking, people-powered city-culture collider.

“The story of Eventual started at a live event” Miia and Uzair Khan, co-founders.

“I first met my husband, Uzair, in front of Club Kaiku in Helsinki. It was a cold January night in 2015”, remembers Miia.

“Little did I know that this moment was going to change my life forever. He became my best friend, my soulmate, who went on to propose to me during a live event. We even ended up at a gig on our wedding night and danced until morning.”

At the end of 2020, Miia and Uzair quit their day jobs to start working on their dream: a company that could turn people's dream events into reality. “Music has played an essential role in everything in our life. It was time for us to return the favour.”

“We always felt it was odd in this day and age for people to have no influence over the content of the event scene.”, said Uzair. “How strange that the ultimate decision-maker is never the public, but an industry afraid of taking risks and celebrating diversity.”

"A simple shift in the model can benefit all actors involved, people can have more influence, artists and influencers can have more creative freedom and emerging ones don't have to rely on traditional machinery, the gatekeepers and venues can manage risk and maximise gains.", he continued.

“We felt that it was our responsibility to share this idea with the live events industry since it was so greatly affected by the pandemic”, says Miia. “Crowds can be active creators ready to shake things up and have a say in what’s going on in the cultural field of their cities”.

Through Eventual, we want to give more freedom to the audience and financial security to the live events industry. We hope that our people-powered events platform brings as much joy for everyone as creating it has brought us. We all make the city we live in, so let’s make it sing.

Are you ready to reset the stage?

Meet the team

Miia Khan
Founder, CEO

Miia believes that culture is not given but created collectively and in contact with change. Ever since she was a kid she has been passionate about performing arts and, at the age of 10, formed her dance group and started organising events. She learned back then that the cultural scene can only be changed by being part of it.

Uzair Khan
Founder, CTO

Uzair believes the future of events is democratic, a future where, as an artist, you have full creative freedom and your artistic progress is not decided by a selected few entities. A future where, as a venue, you are able to offer diverse content at no risk and, as a fan, you can influence your local event landscape.

It’s time the events industry stepped into the 21st century.

Toni Rantanen
Toni Rantanen
Cofounder, Partnerships

Toni Rantanen aka Lil’Tony, a long standing force in Helsinki’s club music scene and night life. With his impeccable instinct, Toni has steered his venues to always host the most interesting performers to cater to the clubgoers’ selective tastes.

He is also the cofounder of Flow festival, one of Finland’s largest festivals.

Tommi Leskinen
User Experience and Design

Tommi Leskinen is a multidisciplinary designer with a profound knowledge of User Interface Design (UI) and User Experience Design (UX). Expertise lies in Rapid Prototyping, Human-Centered Design Practices and Visual excellence and gets kicks out of solving complex problems and designing functional and easy-to-use products. 

Erica Rantanen
Customer and People Relations

Erica's love for clubbing and electronic music has a never-ending quality. She believes that clubgoers all over the world are the most fun and open-minded crowd who enable meaningful connections and harmony through their organic attitude towards life. From her bi-cultural background, her worldview is from both the Orient and the Occident.

Erica aspires to utilize her people skills as well as her unique understanding of art and culture to shape an events industry landscape where humans and humanity always take the centre stage.

Ines Carvalho
PR and communications

Ines advocates a more accessible cultural sector and a stronger connection between artists and audiences. With a background in contemporary dance and communications, she has relevant experience working on and off the stage - as a performer, dance writer, and marketing & public relations specialist for arts organizations.

Ines joined the Eventual team driven by the mission of diversifying the events industry. She studied a BA in Journalism and Communications, a Postgraduate in Contemporary Dance, and a Master’s degree in Arts Management

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