What is Eventual?

Eventual is a Helsinki-born start-up that wants to help the live event industry recover after a global pandemic. We provide a tool that enables anybody, anywhere to campaign for events for those they idolise. Our simple, secure and safe crowdsourcing platform makes it possible to directly financially support your favourite artists and venues anywhere. Our focus for now is on live music but we are not going to stop you if you want to bring in your favourite comic or a dance ensemble.

Austin Neill

How does Eventual work?

Our platform allows you to create crowdfunding campaigns for any artists you wish to see performing live at the earliest opportunity. You can also support other artists, bands, performers and venues by making ticket reservations to campaigns already started by other Eventual users. Eventual is suitable for artists, venues, audience members, event organisers and promoters alike and creating new campaigns only takes a few minutes. You pay a small non refundable fees for initiating new campaigns. This way, we ensure that only the most motivated fans initiate campaigns and in return, should your campaign succeed, you receive a VIP pass for the event plus some other perks. Supporting any other ongoing campaigns that were not started by you is 100 % free.

Karina Carvalho

The process, simplified!

1. Pick an artist (musician, band, influencer, comedian, speaker or basically any other performer) you would like to see performing in a certain Finnish city.

2. Define a ticket price and an attendance threshold for your campaign.

3. Launch the campaign and your job is done. Once activated your campaign is visible for a period of three months when all Eventual users can choose to directly support it by making ticket reservations. 

4. During the period of three months you can promote your campaign on Eventual and social media in any ways you wish.

5. When a campaign nears its goal, we take care of all the communications with the artist or their agent and the venue. In the long run, we aim to have the artist or their representative agencies and venues on the platform, so that this is automated.

6. Only if the artist agrees and an event is viable, do we charge you against your commitment. The artist can always choose to decline. But hey, you never paid a penny and at least now they know that you are here waiting.

7. After confirmation, your e-tickets will be delivered via email and can also be found in your profile.

8. And incase you for some unfortunate reason are not going to make it to the event, we allow you to put the ticket up for resale in a couple of clicks. 

We hope you like using Eventual. We are a small startup with grand ambitions but a startup nonetheless. There  will likely be some hiccups along the way, mistakes made, bugs popping up. If you happen to spot those, please drop us a line or drop us a line anyways, tell us what you think. We are listening.