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Behind the Party: Sex Tales & Cocktails

Sex Tales & Cocktails | Helsinki | Disco

We take a look behind the party with the Sex Tales & Cocktails organizers Hitoshi Omori & Justus Arvelin.

Can you tell us about the concept behind the club-night and what inspired it?

The concept is to purely have a good time and smile. Our aim is to create a space where people could join together for a few cocktails or optionally they can sweat their asses off on the floor. Both are just as fine! Each night we have a special cocktail with which we serve the most joyful disco there is. 


Who are the residents and do you have visiting performers?

We, Hitoshi and Justus, are the organizers and residents. Just last time in January we asked our friend CNA to join us for a few songs. It was GREAT! 


Where do you usually organise the club-night, what’s the typical venue? 

We organize the club at restaurant Tanner every first Saturday of the month. 


Describe the sound at your club

Bubbly, funny, naughty, jazzy, sweaty, sweet… Everything which makes your hips move

Justus & Hitoshi

What makes your event unique? 

We please all the senses: hearing with the music, sight with the visuals, taste with the cocktails, touch with the basslines. And oh, we have nice perfumes. 


On our events we all share the night, respecting each other and appreciating the music.


Do you have any special themes or decorations that are featured at the club-nights? 

Yes, VJ’s from the collective ~7! They take care of the four video projectors at Tanner with some astonishing live VJing. It’s perfect. You’ll know when you see it.


What kind of crowd do you expect at your events?

We simply want all the guests to have a smile in their faces when they leave the venue. That’s what keeps us going and makes us smile too. Expand the community, like one big family. Last time the first one on the dance floor was 76 years old.


What are your future plans for your club-night?

More is more! Would be nice to take the club outside sometime...


Make sure not to miss the next event! 

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