Mambo Taxi

12th Apr 2024, Fri 22:00 - Sat 02:00

Who would've thought? Spring has arrived when least expected (not true), and when needed the most (very much true). To complete the transition into the season of rejuvenation, hop into the well-worn seats of Mambo Taxi and join us at Tanner on the 12th of April. Allow your chauffeurs, Jaakko Rintala and Miia Laine (filling in for Ana Coudurier who is sourcing records and sunlight elsewhere), to take you there. Jaakko and Miia will be playing music appropriate for the season: from gently swaying flamenco to back-of-the-crate batucada fusion bombs, everything filed under smile and dance.

latin / afro / jazz / mambo / salsa / flamenco / fusion / reggae / MPB / soul / funk / tropicalia / raï / disco

22:00 - 02:00 / Free Entrance

Venue Information

Kaikukatu 2,
00530, Helsinki, FI
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