15th Jun 2024, Sat 23:00 - Sun 04:00


Random Nights is a club that focuses on providing musical experiences, a sense of community and new adventures! Each night brings something fascinating and exciting, so you can always expect surprises and musical diversity.

This time, we're amplifying the energy to celebrate Pride Month with style. We're putting the spotlight on the incredible queer community, whose boundless joy, talent, and style are integral to our favorite music genres. From hip-hop to amapiano, and from R&B to ballroom vibes, our eclectic mix promises an unforgettable night of dancing, laughter, and love. Join us as we honor the profound contributions of the queer community to music and culture.

Doors are open from 23:00 - 04:30. Tickets: 12€. 


COCO: Roza Ahmad, aka Coco, a dynamic DJ, performer, and ballroom photographer from Helsinki, Finland, joined the Iconic House of Ninja in 2012, winning multiple global ballroom prizes. She documents the European ballroom scene, exhibiting at venues like the Frans Hals Museum and The Finnish Museum of Photography. Founder of Elements Ball Concept in 2015, Roza organizes events fostering creativity and community.  Since 2018, as DJ Coco, she mesmerizes audiences with her bass-heavy ballroom mixes and genre-hopping style, igniting dance floors with energy.

RENAZ: Renaz Ebrahimi, a prominent journalist and radio host, and member of the Mellow Yellow Collective in Helsinki, is celebrated for fostering a safer club culture. Specializing in hip hop and R&B, she seamlessly blends classics with the latest hits, adding SWANA sounds, afrobeats and amapiano for the perfect mix.

SUINNER: Caroline Suinner, a co-founder of Club U-Haul and a versatile artist, is recognized for projects centered on intersectionality and representation. Her career explores the intersections of safety and liberation through performative and visual art. Suinner embraces imperfection and seeks balance in chaos. In her DJ sets, expect a mix of house, remixes, amapiano, Afro, and UK sounds, reflecting her interest in transitioning between moods and blending familiar music cultures.

TRABELSI: Meriam Trabelsi (They/she) is a Tunisian-Finnish artist, DJ, and MC in Helsinki, focusing on safety in their work with The Soft Collective and Club U-Haul. They advocate for BIPOC queer joy and are known for mixing SWANA, Arabic classics, house, amapiano, and afrolife tunes, often found dancing energetically on the dancefloor.


Venue Information

Kuudes Linja
Hämeentie 13 B,
00530, Helsinki, FI
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