This is how you make it* happen

*Underground, unpredictable, unplugged. Loud or chill. Nostalgic or never-seen-before. Moving feet–or minds. Live and alive.
Hand Stand
Stop Waiting
For something, anything, to maybe happen

If you want to invite a superstar to perform in your city you now have the power to do that.

Decide Now
Who makes us all dance, laugh, gasp, feel alive

Bold, crazy, ground-breaking or the most recognised super stars on the planet, we leave that up to you.

Take Control
Over what happens in your city

Eventual puts YOU - the crowd - in control of who performs for you.

Go Influence
Your local culture

Culture belongs to all us, so its only fair that we all get a say in who shapes it and how. 

1. Become a Culture Shaper (a fancy word for “Please Sign Up)

• Every great thing has to start somewhere. (We usually start at the upper right corner of the welcome page. this is where you create your Eventual account).

• Wohoo, Step One complete. You are now an official city-culture maker, shaker and creator.

• Now, go make us all happier. (See Step Two).


2. Create your Live Event: What’s missing in your city?

• Who have you always wanted to see? Or, who should everyone else see? Who are you excited by?

• Do you want to dance, be moved, sing out loud, laugh your brains out?

• Name your Live Event–then make it happen


3. Curate the crowd: Who should be there?

• Nobody wants to dance alone: who should be there with you?

• Who do you know who’s going to be just as excited as you are?

• Use social media, WhatsApp, telepathy. Or email if you’re desperate.

• Send emails within your communities

Who can setup a live event?

A Live Event can be set up by anyone. It could be a diehard fan like you, a venue wanting to explore new names or an act themselves, trying to figure out where demand for them lies.

The success of your Live Event relies on getting like-minded people as excited as you about making it happen. Nobody can make something happen alone.

How do I determine the pricing or attendance?

Ugh, the numbers part…okay, let’s try this: how much did you pay for a similar acts or event in the past? If they’ve never been to your city and you have absolutely no idea, a quick online search goes a long way.

We’ve split acts into different tiers to make it easier for you. (We’re also working on some fancy AI-stuff to make it even easier in the near future).

As for the attendance, it’s not rocket science. We use it mainly to know when to reach out to an artist or act

What is a commitment or what does it mean to back a Live Event?

When you support or back a Live Event, you promise to buy a ticket in the future. But only if the Live Event happens.

In other words, you don’t pay anything now, we only need your word (and credit card number) to know you’re in. This way, you can support as many Live Events as you want to see happen.

Can I sell tickets for my event via your platform?

Sure thing. We let third-party companies sell tickets for Live Events organised through Eventual.

Ready to launch your campaign?

Get the Essential Crowd-making Campaign Guide​

Based on our successful campaign experiences, we have compiled all the best practices and inspiring elements of a great crowd-making experience.


We all make the city we live in. Let’s make it sing.

Start a live event to make your city come more alive. Connect with our like-minded community to help make it happen.