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Oletpa sitten tapahtumapaikan omistaja, promoottori, esiintyjä tai omistautunut fani, me olemme täällä tekemässä tapahtumista totta. Eventualissa voit hallita tuotantoja, varmistaa varauksia, hankkia lippuja ja jopa kampanjoida tapahtuman puolesta yhdellä alustalla.

“Working with Eventual has been a very inspiring experience for me. It’s a platform for artists to try new things and at the same time it’s a way for the audience to show their own will, ‘what kind of art do we want to see?’ , ‘what kind of experiences do we want to have in our lives?’. Eventual breaks the gatekeepers’ culture and brings more power to the people”.

Jani Toivola
Politician, Influencer

Eventual was super easy to use and the ticket sales and reading worked seamlessly. Setting up the ticket sales was fast, the app is simple and clear and the customer service regarding any customer reclamations was fast and on point. Eventual gives by far the best value for the price in Finland, highly recommended!

DJ Hermanni
Promoter, Afro Sunday / Fiesta Latina / Uptown Friday

I think we wouldn’t have Sober Furious events without Eventual and the crowdfunding tool. It was really helpful to launch the campaign and get the support from Eventual. From the marketing to the ticket sales, it was really safe to use this platform

Influencer (Sober Furious)

We at BELOW0 have been utilizing Eventu.al in our events. Since the beginning, the team of Eventu.al has assisted us with everything we need and thorougly guided us through the mechanisms of the platform.

For us Eventual is a friend. The platform is visually pleasing, the customer assistance is exceptional and the service is user-friendly.

Record label, Promoter