Eventual Campaigning

Make a scene

Did you know that less than 1% of acts make it to the stage? That’s why we have created a new way to activate audiences and industry professionals. By making a scene through crowdfunding, you can find a new way to fund your dreams without financial stress.

How it works

Influence your local event landscape

Culture belongs to all of us. It’s only fair that we all get a say in who shapes it and how. Everyone is free to launch a campaign if they have an event idea. Get your audience excited about it. If they are willing to support, they will back your campaign. Through crowdfunding, we enable anyone, anywhere to set up the events they really want.

Why crowdfunding?
Sounds interesting, but not sure if campaigning is for you?
  • Minimise your financial risks and reach your break-even point in advance.
  • Maximise cultural offer beyond the traditional gatekeepers.
  • Empower your audience by making them the decision makers.
  • Find an alternative fundraising channel to fund your work.
  • Validate your event concept.
  • Discover, connect and grow your fanbase.
Crowdfunding Model
It's all about taking out financial risks
  • You can launch a campaign for free.
  • If a campaign isn't successful, you don't have to pay any fees, and we won't charge backers.
  • If you reach your campaign goal, we will only take a 10% success fee.
  • When your successful campaign turns into an event, you can still sell tickets if the venue has bigger capacity and generate more income.


Have a great event idea? Make it happen.

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Vaikuta paikalliseen skeneesi ja ole osana tapahtuma-alan muutosta. Me tarjoamme kaikki tarvittavat työkalut, joilla voit joukkorahoittaa tapahtumasi täysin riskittömästi. Tutustu kampanjoihin tai luo omasi.

The city currently has no active campaigns. Be the first one to create a campaign or explore ongoing campaigns in nearby cities by setting the appropriate filter.


How long does a campaign last?

Typically, a campaign can stay active for up to 90 days. Should it generate a lot of interest and reach its monetary and attendance milestone earlier, it may end earlier.

Who can set up a campaign?

A campaign can be set up by anyone.

Can I edit or update a campaign once it has been launched?

Once the campaign is launched, you can only update the generic information related to it. That includes everything on the last step including text, related videos and social links, images etc. Once launched, it is no longer possible to change the pricing or attendance estimate. 

What is a commitment or what does it mean to back a campaign?

A commitment is a promise of a ticket payment in the future. By supporting or backing a campaign, you are allowing us to charge you but only in case the campaign succeeds and the event is possible. This way we don’t lock your finances and you can support as many campaigns as you want.

Could I run more than one campaign simultaneously on Eventual?

Yes, you can. As long as your campaigns are for two distinct acts or in different cities, if it's the same act.

What is expected of me as a campaign creator?

You can spread the word about your campaign to your friends and other fans of the act you are campaigning for, share it in any online communities. The more people know about it and our platform, the better the chances of the campaign’s success.

Will Eventual share my campaign on social media?

Unfortunately, we can’t promise to promote each and every campaign on our social media platforms, However, if we notice that your campaign is well supported by the public, we will help you reach a wider audience by sharing it on our social profiles.

The campaign has succeeded. Now what?

A successful campaign becomes an event. You would be charged and can soon expect the tickets for the event in your email. Same tickets should also be visible in your profile on Eventual.

I backed the campaign. When will I be charged?

Although you may have provided us with your credit card details, we do not charge you yet. Campaigns might fail and often, there might be no need for the money trading hands. We only charge you once we know the event is possible.

When will the event happen?

As soon as you can successfully book a venue and define a final date for the event.

I was too late for a campaign, can I still purchase a ticket?

If the campaign reaches its goals and is successful, there should be room for people to join. Make sure to check the event page for more details on ticket availability.

Can I cancel my campaign?

You won’t be able to cancel or edit the campaign once it’s launched. Once launched, a campaign would automatically expire after the duration it is set to be active for.

How can I define my campaign target?

There are some values you should consider when setting up your crowdfunding goal. Those include our 10% fee for successful campaigns and the 85% commitment successful rate, which means that usually 10% - 15% of the people who backed your campaign will end up not giving the money when it's time to take it from their bank accounts. For these two reasons, we strongly recommend you always set up a higher goal for your campaign, and not only the exact production costs you need to raise.