What is Eventual?

Eventual is a crowd-led event generation platform that aims to close the gap between the public and performers by enabling anyone, anywhere to set up events for artists and performers they want to see.

Can I sell tickets for my event via your platform?

Yes, we allow third-party companies to sell tickets for events organised through our platform.

I don't see any active campaigns in my city, what could be wrong?

If you live in a smaller town, it is possible that no one has generated any campaigns yet. If that happens, consider creating campaigns in larger cities nearby where you could attract a wider audience.

I was too late for a campaign, can I still purchase a ticket?

If the campaign reaches its goals and is successful, there should be room for people to join. Make sure to check the event page for more details on tickets availability.

Will Eventual share my campaign on social media?

Unfortunately, we can’t promise to promote each and every campaign on our social media platforms, However, if we notice that your campaign is well supported by the public, we will help you reach a wider audience by sharing it on our social profiles.

What countries & currencies are supported on this platform?

We only operate in euros for now. As we will expand to other markets, we intend to support more currencies too.

Could I run more than one campaign simultaneously on Eventual?

Yes, you can. As long as your campaigns are for two distinct acts or in different cities, if it's the same act.

When can I share my campaign on social media?

Your campaign can be shared with the world and is public as soon as you have launched the campaign and paid the associated launch or activation fees.

When will the event happen?

We love live gigs as much as you do, but safety always comes first. In normal circumstances, we aim to organise the event against any successfull campaign in the next 3 to 24 months. Under the circumstances, any events will happen at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic won't pose any risk to the health of the public and the performers.


Can I cancel my campaign?

You won’t be able to cancel or edit the campaign once it’s launched. Once launched, a campaign would automatically expire after the duration it is set to be active for.


How long does a campaign last?

Typically, a campaign can stay active for until 90 days. Should it generate a lot of interest and reach its monetary and attendance milestone earlier, it may end earlier.

Who can setup a campaign?

A campaign can be set up by anyone. It could be a diehard fan like you, a venue wanting to explore new names or an act themselves, trying to figure out where demand for them lies. The success of a campaign relies on specifying a reasonable price point for the act you are campaigning for but being a fan going through all this hassle, we expect you already have an idea.

What is a commitment or what does it mean to back a campaign?

A commitment is a promise of a payment in the future. By supporting or backing a campaign, you are allowing us to charge you but only in case the campaign succeeds and the event is possible. This way we don’t lock your finances and you can support as many campaigns as you want.


What is expected of me as a campaign creator?

Not much really, just sit back and relax. You can spread the word about your campaign to your friends and other fans of the act you are campaigning for, share it in any online communities. The more people know about it and our platform, the better the chances of the campaign’s success.

The campaign has succeeded. Now what?

Your campaign’s success implies that it generated enough support from others and the performer has agreed for an appearance in your city. You would be charged and can soon expect the tickets for the event in your email. Same tickets should also be visible in your profile on Eventual.

I backed the campaign but was never charged.

Although you may have provided us with your credit card details, we do not charge you yet. Campaigns might fail and often, there might be no need for the money trading hands. We only charge you once we know the event is possible.

How is this different from regular events or purchasing tickets?

When purchasing tickets for regular events, often all the details related to an event are locked in and settled. Necessary arrangements have been made and a lot of money has been invested. Should no one show up or the tickets not sell, the parties involved incur major losses. Our model allows for the money to be available upfront. We don’t promise an event until and unless we see significant demand for it. This not only allows us to offer people content to their liking but also help manage risk for different actors involved allowing them to be bolder and have a more diverse offering.


Do I get any perks if my campaign succeeds?

As a campaign creator, you will get two VIP passes for yourself and anyone you would like to bring along to the event. We will also organise a meet-n-greet for you and a select few others, however, it is up to the discretion of the act or artist in question and they have the right to refuse.

Campaign Creation

How do I determine the pricing or attendance?

Try recalling how much you paid for theirs or a similar acts gig in the past. If they have never been to your city before and you have absolutely no idea, a quick online research goes a long way.

We have separated acts into different tiers to make this process easier for you and aim to assist you with this further in the near future. As campaigns succeed and events are generated, we are able to provide you with more accurate price points and attendance estimates. We use the attendance estimate primarily to know when to reach out to an artist or act.

What is my responsibility as a campaign creator?

Besides providing a reasonable price and attendance estimate and promoting the campaign in your network or beyond, really not much. Should your campaign get enough support, we reach out to the artist or their agent and take care of the process from their onwards. All you have to do is show up on the day of event then.

Can I edit or update a campaign once it has been launched?

Once the campaign is launched, you can only update the generic information related to it. That includes everything on the last step including text, related videos and social links, image etc. Once launched, it is no longer possible to change the pricing or attendance estimate.