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Instead of being a silent witness, be an enabler. Network with venues and promoters to create unique experiences or launch a crowdfunding campaign for your own show. Let’s make those dreams come true.

How it works

Start a campaign
Skip the traditional gatekeepers.

Launch a crowdfunding campaign for your show and discover your community of backers. By no time, you have booked yourself a gig with plenty of time to promote your show. We make sure that you get fair pay for your work.

Promote your show
Once your event or campaign is up and running, you will get featured on our event pages.

It’s the easiest way to get noticed and gain new fans. Create an extra buzz by sharing your campaign on social media to build awareness.

Network is your net worth
Create an artist profile and network directly with the industry.

Connect with promoters and venues that you are interested in working with or let your fans know what’s new. Send updates of upcoming events or just create hype for your new single.

Interested? Become a co-creator and make culture happen.

Reset the stage

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Discover concerts, clubs, comedy and other live experiences under one roof. See what events others are into right now or if you are feeling adventurous explore what else is going on.