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Start a campaign for your favourite artist or band, set a suitable price point and attendance, provide some details and launch the campaign.

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Spread the word and use your connections to gather like minded people. Supporting a campaign doesn't cost anything. You are only charged when a campaign has enough support and artist has agreed to a performance.

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Once the artist and venue have finalised a date, you would be issued tickets with the event details. All you have got to do now is sit back and wait for the big day.

How it works?

Have been waiting forever to see your favourite idol live some day? We would love to make that dream come true. Just initiate a campaign for them, set a suitable price point and attendance, provide some details and launch. It's that simple. Now spread the word amongst friends or other fans you know or in online communities. Should we see others want to see your idol as much as you do, we take it from there.


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Eventual's mission is to empower you to influence your local event landscape and demand concerts and performances you desire. Through crowdfunding, we enable anyone, anywhere to set up the events they really want. Bold, crazy, ground-breaking or the most recognised super stars on the planet, we leave that up to you.


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Behind the Party: Sex Tales & Cocktails

Sex Tales & Cocktails | Helsinki | Disco

We take a look behind the party with the Sex Tales & Cocktails organizers Hitoshi Omori & Justus Arvelin.
By Lilli

Reset the City: Berlin with Axel Hjertman

There’s inspiration in every corner of Berlin and events for everyone. Bold club nights, gallery exhibitions, or street performances: this is a city for creativity. We asked DJ and producer Axel Hjertman what are the unmissable places and things to do in Berlin. Take your notes and make your next trip to Germany’s capital unforgettable.
By ines.carvalho
Reem Naamani

Reset the City: Beirut with Reem Naamani

We asked dance artist Reem Naamani to describe Beirut's cultural scene. From the traditional buildings to a new generation of artists, Lebanon is an inspiring place for Reem - and you can discover why on this new Reset the City episode.
By ines.carvalho
Katerina Foti Credits: Andi Xhuma
THU, 7TH JULY 2022

Reset the City: Athens with Katerina Foti

Amid the ancient ruins of Athens, there is a vibrant art scene that is reshaping the city's landscape. Galleries, alternative neighbourhoods, festivals and open-air events, contemporary meets history in every corner of Athens. We asked dance artist Katerina Foti to share more about the Greek dance scene - and what events you shouldn't miss during your next time in Athens.
By ines.carvalho