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Search for your favourite artists or if you’re feeling adventurous explore what else is happening near you. Don’t find the artist, venue or event you are looking for? Support a crowdfunding campaign and influence your local scene.

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Democratise the industry
One of the best ways to get your voice heard in the events industry is to support a crowdfunding campaign.

You are giving your support to acts outside of the mainstream by letting the artists and promoters know you are going to attend the event. If the campaign is successful, you already have your tickets secured.

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Follow your favourite artists’ profiles so that you will be the first one to know about their shows.

Add your go-to venues to your following list and discover your next Saturday night plans. Or explore what else your city has to offer! You will find all the events listed directly on our events pages.

Have your tickets ready
Handling your tickets should not cause a migraine.

Luckily, we are here so that you can book, pay and even re-sell your tickets all in one place. If the show gets cancelled, you can get a refund with a single click. Download the Eventual Tickets mobile app via Google or Apple and have your tickets available and ready to scan.

Interested? Become a co-creator and make culture happen.

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Influence your local scene and be a part of the change in the event industry. We are giving you all the tools to crowdfund the event of your dreams completely risk-free. See what others are campaigning for or create your own.

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